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Naughty BBW

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It had always been my dream to bury my face between a fat pair of thighs and lap away at a juicy fat pussy. My lover wanted to know that I was ready for her, sucking on my cock she had me hard in a matter of seconds, I tugged at her tight black thong, easing it out of the crack of her ass and revealing a sexy tan line. My biggest fear was that she was going to suck me dry before I had a chance to go down and sample some of her sweet delights.

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BBW Facesitting

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Some would see it as a punishement, I personally wouldn’t. I would give my left nut right now to have my face buried under this large bbw’s ass. As she squats her weight down onto his face for some bbw facesitting pleasure, se how she cheats by pulling the panties out the crack of her ass so that she can feel his face against her juicy fat cunt lips.


Big Woman On Top

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Oooh yeah baby, give me some of your man meat. I love riding my guys in reverse cowgirl fashion, not only does my wet pussy get to swallow your cock nice and deep, I get to grind my fat ass into you as well. Guys love it when my love juice trickles down and over their balls, even more so when I massage it into their sacks while riding them hard.

The only downside for you with me on top in this fashion is that you don’t get to see my big beautiful tits bouncing up and down as I slide myself along your meat pole.  Make me cum big and hard and I will give you the chance to shoot your load over my tits.

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Big Fat Sexy Ass

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Doesn’t this image make you go weak at the knees. Is it not making you want to pluck that skimpy black thong out from between those big fat sexy ass cheeks with your teeth. I could have so much fun with this gorgeous large ass given half a chance.

Hot Blonde BBW

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This blonde bbw has everything, she might well be the perfect woman. Piercing eyes, a body to lust over and a deep fat pussy aching 24/7 for cock. Imagine she was your girlfriend, you come home from work, you walk into the living room and find her semi naked on all fours waiting for you to give it to her good and hard.

I would be on my knees behind her licking that deep pussy in no time before slamming my cock in until my balls sank into the flesh of her meaty thighs.

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Heavyweight Facesitting BBW

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What if I told you that this hot looking lady was into heavyweight facesitting and ass worship, wouldn’t just the thought of her sitting that fat ass down onto your face and sniffing her musky scent make you cum in your pants.

Click the image and watch as Chloe steps out of her panties and warms her pussy up a little before squatting that large sexy ass down onto her subs face for worshipping.

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Teen BBW

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At just 19 years old, Emma Bailey is a fine young lady in the making. This cute teen bbw just oozes with sex appeal from her stunning looks to her sexy stretch marks. Watching her in this sample sex gallery I admit she looks a little raw but with a body like this her demand will grow and her experience along with it. I have a feeling Emma will soon be rivalling Veronica Bottoms for my devoted affection.

Sexy Fat Panties

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This image has been taken from a fatty blowjobs gallery. I love the camera angle on this one, it captures this beauties extra large tits, curvy tummy and as I have said many times before, I have a weakness for large ladies wearing sexy tight panties. As you will see when you click the image, I could have featured a whole host of bbw blowjob pictures or even the climax shot as her large titties get splattered in cum but I decided on this one for today. I hope this picture pulls your strings as much as it pulled on mine!! 

Hot BBW Sex

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When it comes to sex Simone loves getting her fat pussy strectched to its limit. With her all natural 36J cup size you can watch Simone licking and biting her own erect nips as she receives a drilling from one lucky guy. Mind you, that isn’t all Simone is wrapping those lips around…

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Sexy BBW Shelsea James

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Sexy BBW Shelsea is one hot bbw from her stunning looks to her soft folds of belly fat this is one bbw who knows how to give her members what they want… in more ways than one. Shelsea loves interacting with members both on webcam and her forum and as long as you don’t mind it being filmed and appearing on her site, Shelsea is more than willing to meet with her special members and suck them off!!

I am not kidding, Shelsea really does meet some of the members that she takes a special liking to for that extra special treat. I actually launched my own dedicated site to Shelsea last year called BBW Shelsea and if you take a look at it you will see her sucking on a members cock.

BBW Phone Sex

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My cock is still aching after yesterday evenings pleasurable experience. I have enjoyed bbw phone sex before but not to the extent as the hottie I spoke with yesterday. Just her accent alone had me errect and that was before she had even finished uttering the first few lines of smut. 

During our brief conversation she held the handset near to her pussy and I could hear the slurping noise of her fingers as they enetered and left her snatch. Some might doubt that she was really doing this but I can tell you now, I know the sound of a tasty pussy getting fingered and this was genuine.

I say brief conversation as we didn’t talk for very long, probably 3-4 minutes in fact I didn’t do too much talking, I was more of a listener on this occasion. We could have chatted longer but to be honest with you, I shot my load and it seemed pointless continuing.

The lady who I had enjoyed my time with was sweet enough to give me her direct live line extension number so when I call again I will be sure to get the same person, she also informed me that she advertises her service at BBW Call which is a dedicated phone sex site for big beautiful women. We might also have a webcam date lined up so I shall keep you informed.

Just in case you are wondering it wasn’t with the lady pictured above, I found her image while sniffing around at BBW Dreams. Seeing her with a phone to her ear set me off in a day dream world of wishing it was me speaking on the other end arranging a date or maybe a romantic day out for the pair of us which would end with me sticking my cock between those beautiful large tits of hers.

Juicy BBW Pussy

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You just know that when the lovely Veronica Vaughn lets go of her juicy fat pussy lips they are going to swallow up the whole of her mans meaty cock. As he starts fucking that juicy bbw pussy it is going to take an almighty effort in holding back his man juice as he watches those massive milky titties bobbing around.

Few Changes At BBW Porn Sex

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Regulars to BBW Porn Sex might notice a few changes in my sidebars over the next 2-3 days. The reason for the changes is that I am fed-up with some sponsors and models failing to update their sites for 2-3 months at a time. They want our hard earned money but they think we will put up with out of date material. Well I won’t and I don’t expect you to either!!

I have made changes before pulling my all time favorite webcam sponsor (they continued to allow sick looking skinny chicks to call themselves bbw) replacing them with Genuine BBWs and I will make changes again. If it means leaving my side advertising blank then I will do, I am no longer willing to send my visitors to out of date crap.

BBW Upskirt

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bbw upskirt

My next door neighbour was sexy in a plain kind of way. She didn’t have stunning drop dead gorgeous looks but she had a look that said she was up for fun and a body I had always had lustful thoughts over. One morning the neighbour asked me if I would be kind enough to look at her TV set. While in the middle of watching a movie the screen had went blank, of course I was going to say yes.

Her TV was in the corner of the room on a low cabinet with the DVD player underneath it. I got down onto my hands and knees and fiddled around with the cable checking for a loose connection, sure enough this cured it and the TV burst back into life, however not quite with what I had expected to appear on the large screen. Right there in front of me was an amateur bbw getting fucked; my neighbour was watching a sex movie.

I looked around to where she was seated and wow what an upskirt sight I was greeted with, but not by accident. There she was sitting down with her skirt lifted up and stroking her fat bbw pussy through a pair of the skimpiest tight black panties I had ever seen. I was mesmerised by what I was seeing, that was until she asked me to fuck her like the guy was fucking his lady lover in the porn movie.

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Big Blowjob Chicks

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Not surprising really that Buxom Bella earned her name due to her massive 40 DDD breasts. However I am not featuring her today for her big tits, more her oral skills and fantastic ass. I love big meaty women who knows how to give good head. Big Blowjob Chicks has over 130 bbw cock suckers demonstrating their skills as they suck their men into action before getting their pussy pounded. 

I know that that bbw’s give the best blowjobs and I do have my own site dedicated to women who love throbbing cocks in their mouths over at Fatty Blowjobs, I know you will love both sites.

SSBBW – Sammee Matthews

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If you adore fat girls as much as I do then you are going to love the extra pounds of weight that SSBBW goddess Sammee Matthews is carrying. There are so many things to lust over when you look at Sammee that it is difficult to know where to start. Maybe that amazing 68 inches of jumbo size ass, dimples and all and the way her skimpy black thong gets eaten up by her butt cheeks. Maybe it is her soft folds of flesh from that cascading belly she proudly shows off which grabs your attention.

At just an inch over 5 foot in height and weighing 400lbs you could easily think her amazing frame was actually bigger than it is, I for one wouldn’t mind exploring all of this red heads sexy fat flesh if I were given the chance.

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Discreet BBW Sex Date

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discreet bbw sexA while back I featured a BBW Romance and dating site, now one step further, a no strings sex dating site called BBW Sexperience where full figured ladies quite simply  advertise for a shag date.

This shaved pussy and set of big tits belongs to a horny divorcee aged 36 who loves giving and receiving Oral. She goes on to state that she is open minded and doesn’t care if she is fucked by a black or white guy as long as they are clean and of course disease free and good in bed.

Remember these are her own words not mine, to read the rest of her advert visit BBW Sexperience.

I think she looks a cracker although I admit not the biggest of the ladies advertising their needs but I just can’t take my eyes off those massive tits!!


Free BBW Webcams

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BBW Webcams
Have a FREE Chat With One Of These Lovely Ladies

I remember how excited I was when this new bbw webcam site first launched. I did have a small reservation about the amount of online performers, however my fears have since vanished now that the site has grown to a staggering 521 registered bbw webcam ladies. More importantly confirmed fuller figure sized ladies, no skinny chicks able to sneak into this place!!